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here's some songs we wrote

we'd collectively like to thank Glenn Miller, Hannah's mom, Our Sunday Affairs, Death Grips, Orchid, and Flowers Taped to Pens for inspiring us, Kim, Tea, Logan, Christina, Fabian and Merrick for putting up with our bullshit, while we talked about this 24/7 for like the last 2 months, Delamey and the Mafia for keeping Noah's sanity intact, Evie for making us all cry, and of course. Brendan the Breadthin for giving us this idea in the first place


released July 31, 2015


Tony took the picture
Noah wrote the words

possible cassette release soon



all rights reserved


i love you i want to die

lets build a tree house on mars

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Track Name: i still fail you
my chest is fluid
arms made of paper
cold metal
such a relief

blood on the floor
at least it washes
my forearm
is stained forever

I promised you
never again
but I still fail you

red soon to purple
but I pick things apart

scarlet flows again
Track Name: yellow
i am not afraid to die
i know you are
Im sorry I left without you
and as my lungs give out
your name will be on my lips

blood moon on the rise
yellow raindrops in her her eyes

Im so fucking sorry
i could never live up to you
i am worthless
i am dirt
i know you'll miss me
but that will soon pass
you won't even notice
it's better this way
Track Name: brown eyes
fuck who you are
fuck what you did
fuck your lies
fuck what you've become
fuck you
fuck you

you make me hate this place
Track Name: it was really cold one night when we were driving home so i wrote this song about you
climb out your window
just to sit in the tree
hand in hand
we've never been happier

you slip in the shower
clear to red
ill hold you close
i wont let go

and i gripped as we watch the sky
on that cold night in illinois

we stayed up till sunrise
and brought ourselves back to life

on that cold night
they felt something
maybe it was the moon
maybe it was the black tea
but either way
it was something
and as the leaves fell through her fingers
and the ash fell from his mouth
they looked up at the stars
and lost their eyes to planets
she said "let's build a treehouse on mars and live there forever"
he replied a chuckle and a drag
she said "I'm serious"
he smiled
"I know"
and as the sun rose
they fell asleep
with smiles on their lips
and the stars on their minds
that night brought them closer together
but he knew
one day it would tear him apart