by i love you i want to die

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Some more songs we wrote. Once again we'd like to thank Christina, Tea, Hannah, Em, Alex, Kim and Julio for listening to us bitch about this dumb band for however many months. Thank you to Jagger, Harley, Paige, Delaney and Macy for keeping Noah from probably starting himself on fire while trying to write this. Thank you Aya. Thank you Jordan and Adam for at least considering giving us a chance, we are forever grateful. Thank you to anyone who's ever listened to us and not thought we all need to stop and shut up. And of course, thank you Julio for giving us the stupid idea to do this in the first place. We might come back with something new after this we might not, who the hell knows. We sure had a blast though, yes we did. We love you, forever and always.


released April 11, 2017


singing and ukulele on Sea of Love cover by Te'a Fish

all lyrics were written by Noah
Tony took the picture



all rights reserved


i love you i want to die

lets build a tree house on mars

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Track Name: illinois
i just stared at her ceiling for hours
painting pictures of her in the flowers
wishing good things didn't come to an end
here we are now, that dream is dead
and i wonder if things would have lasted
but i guess its all in the past now
and i know things weren't fucking perfect
at least we had each other

i didn't think this would be the last time i feel your head on my chest
Track Name: your eyes
i started smoking again
picked up the habit
when i lost you

i still see you in my dreams
in my nightmares

don't go

if i could just get one last chance
id burn all my bridges
that lead away from you
Track Name: father time
i cant go another fucking second without you
take me to where your grandfather died
Track Name: Sea of Love
originally written and performed by Cat Powers
Track Name: 幕間休息
my skin flakes
my bones ache
ashes fall
from unseen places
if the things you say are true
and i'm not afraid of myself
then why dare i say anything
right here, under the stars